DT Tx2x Transmitter Kits



Tx21 and Tx23 are compact wireless transmitters intended to control 1-3 model railway train engines.
They have controls for Speed, Direction, Inertia and Lights (depending on how used).

The Kit includes the core components to make either a Tx21 or Tx23 transmitter.
These are DIY projects requiring some competance in drilling, fitting, soldering, etc.


Tx21 KitTx23 KitItem
1Small box
1Medium box
13Direction toggle switch
11Bind pushbutton
11On/Off pushbutton with Led
11PP3 plug
11Small Inertia knob
13Medium Speed knob
2410k pot 300° rotation with center click (detent)
2810k resistor
21k resistor
11220 resistor
11Plastic sheet for compartments
11Cardboard box
11Wiring diagram
11Drill template
11This page (www.DelTang.co.uk/tx2x-kit.htm)

PP3 9v battery
Solder and iron
Glue, Drills, Files, Knife, Screwdrivers etc.
Multimeter, hookup wire, heat-shrink covering
Lipo balance leads (Tx21 5-way, Tx23 6-way) and servo extension leads (2) if you want to make Tx2 'plugable'

Tx21 circuit | Tx23 circuit

Tx21 layout | Tx23 layout

Glue drill templates to box with Pritt and center-punch holes to minimise drill drift
Drilling the top from the inside can make it easier to miss internal mouldings and ensure you leave enough space for the battery
Protect outside of box from scratches while drilling

Resistors can be soldered direct to switches and pots or make up a vero/perf board
The on/off switch is in the negative path to make it easier to connect the one Led wire to negative (0v)
The 2 longer wires in the middle of the on/off switch are the Led, and the shorter of those goes to negative (0v)

The Direction switch leans the opposite way to the terminal it enables
Reverse is selected with the negative (0v) side of the Direction switch
Low throttle (or Reverse) is selected with the negative (0v) side of the Speed pot rotated counter-clockwise

Use the thin plastic sheet provided to make compartments for the battery and Tx2
Glue on with a flexible glue like UHU POR or any contact adhesive

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